What is this place?

First, let’s talk about my comments last week on isolation and finding proof of God.  Have you seen the new images from the James Webb telescope?  If not, you need to.  I mentioned isolation, not in a negative way, but in the best way, a time of quiet and solitude.  Solitude, that is a much better word.  So, solitude and finding proof of God.  Oops, that isn’t it either, especially when referring to the images from the James Webb telescope.  Urggh, words are hard. i·so·la·tion: the process or fact of isolating or being isolated.  Similar: segregation, quarantine, separation.   /ˈsäləˌt(y)o͞od/: the state or situation of being alone. Similar: loneliness, remoteness, isolation.  The problem I am having is that both of these definitions seem negative in nature and for me, they are anything but. 

The telescope’s first image represents a section of our sky the size of a grain of sand, held at arm’s length.  The first shared image shows thousands of galaxies, yep, thousands in a grain of sand, held at arm’s length.  Galaxies as they appeared 4.6 billion years ago.  Words are hard, science is harder.  The time issue is something my simple brain cannot grasp, the vastness can almost break it.  Isolation, nope.  Vastness, yes.  Proof of God or something bigger than us, whatever you chose to call it, yes.  We are so tiny and only a grain of sand held at arm’s length from universes beyond our own. 

What is this place?  The telescope sure doesn’t make that answer any clearer, but reassures me that it is not my worry, it is something my simple brain cannot handle. With that being said, this question is one that I read about early this week and decided, along with Kate, needed to be on a shirt.  How funny would that be?  Just to walk around with the question, “What is this place?” on your chest for all to ponder or to answer. 

Librarians were sharing best comments/questions from patrons, including the following:  A gentleman had come into a library, walked around, looking all about, and came to the desk, and asked, you guessed it, “What is this place?” Really?!  A few days later and we had a patron come in to get copies and something notarized.  Guess what he asked?  Another similar question, “What do you guys do here, anyway? Does anybody even read anymore?”  Not so funny when it is in my library. 

The things that we do, well, I could try to list them, but it would only give you a glimpse. One might say it is like holding a grain of sand at arm’s length; only that minuscule part of the sky, but with thousands of galaxies.  If we were texting I would insert the smiling devil face.  But, seriously, it is more than books, duh, brother, you yourself are using our copy and notary services.  Copies at ten cents a page and no cost for the notary. 

The library is more than books, solitude is more than being alone, and we are all so tiny and only represent a small part of the picture.  Be kind people, realize the miracle we are. 

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