Week 456

I am tired of this.

Can that be all I write?

Just kidding, you know I always find something to say. 

I have not started journaling yet, but plan to this next week.  I will be sharing it on my personal page and when I get to work today I am creating a google doc for everyone else.  Yep, I am not at work yet.  I am sitting in my truck outside Goldschmidt Cancer Center.  I brought a friend up, and yes, this leads to what I want to talk about. 

I feel that we are all going crazy.  Each week brings something new.  I was scared, then I was anxious, this week every day has been yucky.  I am having a hard time waking up, I think that is called depression.  I wish I had screenshots (or maybe a journal, insert winky face) of how we have dealt with the last few months.  I don’t think we would be proud of what all it would show.  Back in February the Corona jokes ran rampant.  Then things got serious and we saw a mass of good deeds and it felt like we were healing.  The reset button on humanity was happening and it was a beautiful thing.  This week, hmmm, not so good.  The conspiracy theories and the ugly is showing up.  A local person I know was ridiculed for wearing a mask to Wal-Mart, the individuals even pretended to cough on her.  Really?!

What is wrong with mankind?  I just don’t get it.  I don’t like the conspiracy theories because they make me feel crazy.  I don’t like the pressure they put on people to feel awkward when they follow recommended protocol and wear a mask in public.  I don’t like the ugly they bring out in people.  Can we just go back to all the good things?  Can we lift up the heroes that are going to work every day?  Can we just share the stories of the best of mankind?  I don’t want to see the statistics for how people died last year.  I want to live in the good that is going on. 

Every day I get more free links for my patrons.  Companies are extending services to public libraries so that we can still meet the needs of our patrons with a variety of digital resources.  I could stop and complain that these things should be available always, or I could theorize that they are only giving me a taste so that I will buy them on the other side.  Good grief, maybe that is true, but who cares?   Breath in, breathe out, be nice.  Be nice.  Be nice.  BE NICE! 

Did you hear me? 

I am sitting outside a cancer center because I cannot go in with my friend.  No visitors allowed right now.  My friend is going through the fight of her life and the last thing we need right now is a virus. So, your conspiracy theory might seem right to you, maybe you think the masks are not warranted, but this isn’t just about you.

I want things to go back to normal.  I want to not be so angry.  I guess this is just another step in the grief process delivered by the pandemic.  I am sorry, I truly am.  I hate that I cannot meet all the needs of my patrons, but I will still share every digital resource I can get my hands on even if they are just trying to “get” me.  I will choose to stay positive, I will listen to those who know more than me and yes, I will choose to just be nice.  

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