I have about a gazillion things to talk about.  Things, so many things. 

This squirrel is not accomplishing much; the whirling dervish like behavior has been extinguished.  I have transformed into the “look, something shiny,” squirrel phase.   I really do not think that is entirely my fault, I have no control of all of the things, shiny or not. 

Monday I woke up to back pain.  What happened?  I have been enjoying a 17lb weighted blanket for a little more than a year.  It was originally only used when I was in my bed recliner.  Lately, I treat myself to it whenever I want a quality nap in my day/TV recliner.  After camping last weekend, I felt that the quality nap was required.  It really is the best sleeping; it is hard not to fall asleep with a 17lb weight on you.  The problem occurred when I packed it up for the bed recliner.  I threw it over my shoulder, big mistake.  Thursday and my back is still a mess.  Seriously, I think that sums why my squirrel state has changed, but I will go on. 

I forced myself to finish my final report on our SRP grant not only because the due date is approaching, but I also have two others to fill out in the next few weeks.  Shiny once, shiny twice? 

We are working on our next reading challenge, Bookopoly.  I am really excited about it, but like all great things, there is a lot of planning and yep, shiny things: keychains, dice, coupons.  Shiny three times plus, it will all make sense by mid-September, I hope. 

Still weeding, but usually we look at one area at a time, nope.  I currently have DVDs, YA audios, YA non-fiction, and adult non-fiction on my desk.  Yes, four shiny things.  This is starting to sound a little like a version of the 12 Days of Christmas. 

My oldest is getting married on October 8th and I don’t have a dress yet.  Last night I went home to five dresses to try on.   Just kidding it was four, but man wouldn’t that have helped continue that 12 Days song comparison? 

I arrive at work this morning, with the original plan to tackle the latest book ban issue that is part of Senate Bill 775.  Another thing a couple of people have mentioned to me this week, it is not shiny necessarily, and there is a better s word to describe it, although not appropriate for this article.  It is an ugly distraction that begs for some 1984 quotes, but I have done that multiple times before.  Sorry, I digress, I mean, “Look, shiny!”  The final shiny moment (or insert that other s word again), the staff entry door is broke.  It is broke in multiple ways that we were working on, but today, something new, the screws on the hinge all broke off and we could not close it. 

This broke the ol’ squirrel.  I felt like my mind just emptied.  I kept walking away from it, maybe because my endcap delivery guys showed up at the same time.  Uggghhh, shiny, again.  I broke out our toolkit and headed out with the best intention of fixing it.  Whirling dervish, activate.  It didn’t happen.  I only made a gigantic mess of my hands; I had the look of a hard working car mechanic.  I called for help and made the decision to at least get my bookworm taken care of and, well, here we are. 

Maybe next week I can move on to another animal, I guess I could bring my 17lb blanket to work and transfer into a lovely sloth. Well, a sloth with a bad back.   

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