The Rottmann Report 2.0 by Roostie Frugal

The Monthly Topic: Using (Just) Library Resources

 A pretty cool kid wrote a great article a few weeks back and his parents shared it with me.   At the time, I immediately said, “There is my next bookworm,” hmmm, and they thought I was joking. 

Hey, all; I’m so glad that you picked up a copy of my article! Today, I’m going to explain what we do about library research in Versailles while we are living here in Stover.  But guess what, people: I’m going to make it easier for all you Stover citizens so that you don’t need to drive those eight or nine miles to the library!  There is only one way for you to get library books close to home, especially if you can’t drive a car (like me).  I will explain how it works.

On the Main Street of Stover, Missouri, there is a little eatery and drive-thru called the Ranch House.  This is a very unique place, because it has a special vending machine that lets people check out library books only when they have their cards!  Here are three truths about why you should use a vending machine:

  • Reason 1: It’s convenient.  Whichever books are in the vending machine are there for your choosing, whether it’s a novel, fan fiction, assorted children’s books, and the like.
  • Reason 2: It’s more sanitary.  You won’t need to worry about a librarian getting her germs on your books, especially during the pandemic.  (No offense, ladies.)
  • Reason 3: It saves time.  You don’t need to go through searching the huge library if anything you might need is in the machine!  My good friend, librarian, reader and fellow gamer Jessica A. fills it with new books every so often to ensure that other people get what they want. 

But really, there aren’t just fiction in the vending machine.  There’s a good-sized variety of non-fiction and movies, too!  Biographies, drama, horror, history, among others.  The best part is, you can take whatever materials you need with your library card present, Here’s how: First, scan your card by puttying the bar code up to the red light.  Then, type in the number on the touch screen for the book you want.  After the machine is done loading, it will dispose the book into the box below. 

But how will we return the books, Roostie, you may ask…  Thank you, Roostie.  I will take this question.  We currently have a basket on top of the machine to return materials to, and that means library material no matter the location of check out.  So, if you do not want to drive to the main location, swing by the Ranch House.  I currently acquired some ballot boxes that we will repurpose into drop boxes, when we get that done, it will be housed on the front porch of the Ranch House, accessible 24/7/365.   Back to you, Roostie.

Using just library resources does seem like a lot to remember, but eventually, we’ll all get the hang of it.  Let’s review the checklist:

Step 1: Go to the book vending machine and check out the books you want.

Step 2: Read as much of the content of each book as you want.  Nobody is going to judge how you deal with reading, so if you see something disturbing, upsetting, or scandalous, put the book down and read something else. 

Step 3: When you’re done reading your book(s), I got this, Roostie, return to the basket, eventually drop box or the main library building.

I absolutely love Roostie’s article and his love of our Stover Lending Library, hopefully his words will inspire you to try it! 

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