It’s here and hopefully “normal” this year! Summer Reading Program official start day is June 2nd

Remember planning your wedding? Months of work: showers to attend, dresses and tuxes to get, invitations to pick and address, the list is exhausting. Then the day comes. Other than the song during the lighting of the unity candle, when you must look longingly into your spouse’s eyes, it flies by. (That is what I hear, I enjoyed every minute of gazing into John’s eyes.) Months of planning and it is over in 20 minutes. Summer Reading Program is like a wedding. SRP lasts for hour increments over a 2-month period, but encompasses close to 6 months of planning.  – 2018 Bookworm

These words are still true, just ask Brittany and Kelly.  I know they are as excited as I am to just get it going, but they are probably more thrilled not to have to look at their Trello notifications anymore.

Our teachers are now enjoying their summers off, refreshing themselves for the next school year. They deserve the rest. Our students deserve the rest too; the classics can be put on hold until the fall…this is the time for my kind of classics; the Double Fudge of their era. We want to prevent summer slide for our students and we can help with this by having them continue to read, but I think this is the time for exploration and finding their own classics. Parents we will have incentives to read for the summer, during Summer Reading Program they will have many opportunities to receive recognition and prizes for continuing to read but let’s remember to make it fun for them. They deserve the rest; their minds need to refresh just as their teachers do. – 2017 Bookworm

Again, still true.  After the year we have experienced, I am not as concerned about the discussion of classics or summer slide.  The world is off kilter, summer slide, more like COVID slide, and how about just the best summer ever, reading books of any kind, or just hanging out and playing at the library, anything other than the 2020 summer. 

The theme for 2021 is Tails and Tales.  The following is a list of our planned events:

June 1st – 6:30pm – Book Club, we will be discussing, Dewey: The Small-town Cat that Touched the World, so, yes, the official start might by the 2nd, but the club is a shade ahead

June 2nd – 10am – Sign up and our first story time.  I will be reading a book about poop, don’t worry, other things are planned.

June 9th – 10am – Doc and Carol Jones will be here to discuss animal careers.

June 12th – 10:30am – STEM activity

June 16th – 10am – Missouri author, David Harrison will be here.

June 19th – 10:30am – Saturday Story Time

June 21st – 6:30pm – Adult Craft night – paper strip animals

June 23rd –10am – Stover animal shelter will be here.

June 29th – TBA – I am working on some adult activities for this date, maybe trivia?

June 30th – 10am – Bailey Marriott will be here to talk about cattle ranching.

July 6th – 6:30pm – Book Club, we will be discussing, Are We S­mart E­nough ­to ­Know How S­mart An­i­mal­s Are?

July 7th – 10am – The Runge Conservation Center will be here.

July 10th – 10:30am – STEM activity  

July 14th – 10am – Brittany and Kelly will be discussing animal heroes. 

July 17th – 10:30am – Saturday Story Time

July 19th – 6:30pm – Adult Craft night – button animals

July 21st –10am – Brittany and Kelly will be discussing endangered animals and zoo animals.

July 27th – TBA – I am working on some more adult activities for this date, maybe a hunting/fishing “expo”.

July 28th – 10:00am – Hailey Colvin and Elaine Anderson with 4-H will be here.

Also, we are hoping to do outreach on Thursdays, either at the pool or the school, I haven’t asked either group, so surprise!!

We also will be visiting daycares in Stover and Versailles once each month. 

We have weekly prizes and book drawings for our young participants (Toddler – 18).  We offer reading records and incentive challenges for all ages, completing one or both of these things gets you a ticket into our grand prize drawings, we have 6 different ones!  If you finish the incentive challenge you also get a completion prize. 

6 months of planning and, to be honest, praying things can be like they used to be, we are looking forward to 2021 SRP and hope to see a pavilion full of attendees. 

Enjoy your summer, students and teachers, come by and check out some books…read for fun! – 2017 Bookworm

Upcoming Events: 5/26 Story Time at 10am, 6/1 Book Club at 6:30pm