Summer Reading Program: COVID version

I just reread my Bookworm for last week and have to make 2 corrections.  CreativeBug is still not live and ready for use and Summer Reading Program (SRP) enrollment has been pushed off to May 26th.

I have talked about protocol and creating procedure.  Not only does it encompass a ton of words, but it is ever changing, to the point that maybe it just deserves dates like COVID.  COVID 19, protocol May 4th, I mean protocol May 4th(afternoon), no, no, no, protocol May 4th (shortly before bedtime), you get the picture.   

Boss, I’m tired.

Fluid: adjective – able to flow easy.  Boy, I get it.  No matter how much you plan you must learn to go with the flow. When I create policy, procedures or protocols I tell my staff that they are “living” documents; they should be continually updated and edited.  So now I am adding fluid to my verbiage because it is key to surviving.  Sink or swim, don’t fight the current, go with the flow.  Did I mention I am tired? 

We are currently on Phase 4 of reopening.  I just finished modifying this phase.  I had hoped to start signup for SRP, but we are working with less staff then I had originally planned while learning to work with a lobby opening, yep, “flow easy”, Stacey, let something go. 

What I do know and feel pretty positive won’t change is this, SRP will be virtual this year.  Our programming will be shared on Facebook and our website; story times, crafts, presenters, you name it.  We will offer online, phone and onsite registration.  Onsite will be offered at the library, Stover Park and Gravois access.  We will also deliver crafts and the weekly treat at each of these onsite locations on each Thursday of SRP.  Weekly book drawings will be held and we are currently working out the details.

Instructions for digital resources and how to use curbside checkout will be shared with each SRP registration.  Yes, we are hoping to open the library, beyond the lobby gate, in June, but it won’t be the library you remember.  There will be social distancing restrictions, limited patron entry and restricted library time, thus, curbside and digital checkout will still be encouraged. 

Yep, I still know that none of this is ideal, but we have everyone’s best interest at heart. We will offer all the things, but different and it is going to be okay.  We are working on keeping things easy and going with the flow, we ask that you do the same. 

Upcoming Events: Shared Story Time at 10:30am, Monday – Friday, Story Time with our Brittany on Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00am, Wild Robot story with Brenda every night at 5:00pm, Fitness Challenge at 8:00am, Monday – Friday, Creative Fun at 3:00pm, Monday – Friday, and Writing/Reading Time at 6:00pm, Monday – Friday