Step Forward

There was supposed to be a phase 6 for reopening the library.  I guess if I followed the governor’s model we would be in phase 6, but we chose our own direction, with input from the health center, to stay in phase 5 with some modifications.  I am going to go over the upcoming modifications and will reiterate what we are currently doing.  Seriously, I received a Facebook message this morning asking if we were open, so here we are again.

Starting on August 1st we will start taking money again, for copy or fax fees and fines (although I have forgiven the ones that occurred during our closing).  We will not have our book sale table, hopefully it will be up by September.   We will also allow community room use with the following changes: after hour use only (only exception will be for the election on August 4th), mask and social distancing required, max people in the room limited to 15, users must spray room and furniture after usage.  On August 4th we will offer our adult book club, onsite and through Zoom. 

That is it, those are the additions to our phase 5 reopening.  Phase 6 will occur when the world is normal again…

What are we doing?  We are open, normal hours, but still offer curbside.  Our materials are still being quarantined for 4 days, based on research from REALM project (RE opening, Archives, Libraries and Museums).  3 public computers, copy and fax machines are available for use.  You may come in to get a new library card during regular hours, or can request an eCard from our website. 10 patrons are allowed entry for 30 minutes each; don’t let this keep you from coming in, we have not had to turn anyone away.  Programming has been virtual and will still continue for the time being, minus adult book club. Again, pretty normal, minus programming, quarantining of material, and time limits. 

So, yep, we are taking another tentative step forward.  Tentative should be printed in bold, I get you. 

I will be honest with you, 2018 almost killed me (literally), but 2020 has been harder.  Like everyone else, I am sick and tired of this new normal.  I am exhausted by all our phases and implementing them has also been taxing.  I am tired of watching the “newbies” to mental illness not understand how to rise above.  Seriously, strive to be kind, we are all messed up. 

On a last note, I know I need to not give the 6 letter of the alphabet about everything, but remember, I said that would be hard for me.   The library is not like a business that might have to close because of the lack of business, but you know I don’t lean on that.  We have been working so hard to build up the library in the last few years and COVID is dismantling all of that work.  I just approved our August calendar, it looks nothing like what we had planned, boo. 

So each step forward, is also just an attempt to cover one of the many steps that we took backward over the last few months.   

Sorry, I tried to be positive.   We are adding things back, but I am also going to end with some of my usual phrases, it seems necessary.  Be kind.  We are open.   

Upcoming Events: 7/29 Story Time with Jim Weiss Wednesday at 10am and 10:45am, Jim Weiss Teaching Workshop at 11:30am and Coaching Session at 12:30pm.  8/4 Adult Book Club (Women in the Window) at 6:30pm onsite and with zoom.