Something for Everyone

We just got back from another weekend of camping.  If you have not been camping, you might not understand the use of flags at the campground (maybe I don’t either, but I think I am pretty much on target).  On our first trip to a state park, I noticed quite a few Christian flags being flown.  So, I took that as a pretty clear indication that they might not enjoy other campers with questionable salty language or campers that spend the weekend inebriated. 

I purchased a flag for John to display, and realized that flags are not always used to keep people away.  Seriously, between the flag I made him, and his “special” edition truck, we get a multitude of visitors.   The last few years I have noticed a considerable amount of blue line and red line flags; to show support for police and fire service personnel.  Then some Trump 2020, 2024, Let’s Go Brandon, etc. Then a few weeks ago I spied a confederate flag being flown alongside an American flag, Blue line flag, and Harley-Davidson flag.  Again, flags can be inviting or be clear signs that these are not your people.

Last year, John had told me I could make a flag to fly.  There still is no flag.  I suggest all sorts of flags that I never see at the campground, but would love to, he is not amused.  This weekend, I asked him if he thought there were any people like me at camp, you know in a whisper, “liberal”.   As much as I really don’t care to draw people to our campsite or keep them away for that matter, I would never get a flag that would cause conflict.  I really think a large flag with BOOK NERD on it would be just perfect.

I have a shirt with BOOK NERD on it, it only encourages the smallest of conversation, just what I can handle. “I like your shirt.”  “Thank you!”  We get it, books are great and we go on.  And, if you don’t get it, maybe I can encourage you otherwise.  There are so many options, books to match every flag ever flown at a campground.  Maybe instead of a flag, I just need to get a book bike like Daniel Boone Regional Library and just cart books from campsite to campsite.  I won’t. 

There is something for everyone.  There is fiction and non-fiction.  Romance, mystery, westerns, thrillers, fantasy.  Did you know that there is a series of books about an Alien Adoption Agency, Alien Mail Order Brides, Alien Space Cruise Brides, Alien Reality Show Brides?  Something. For. Everyone.  Maybe I will go with a single colored flag with the words, “Something for Everyone” and underneath those words, in tiny type, “books, that is”. 

Upcoming Events: 6/8 Summer Reading Program at 10am, 6/11 LEGO Play at 10:30am 9am to noon. We have SRP adult book bags available for checkout and the Little House Reading Challenge ends on June 30th.