Morgan County Library

Board of Trustees

September 14, 2023

Present: Curtis Cunningham, Stacey Embry, Kathy Jones, Melissa Hedrick.

Absent: Mary Jo Jackson, Ann Brinson.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Curtis Cunningham at 5:45 p.m. It was held at 600 N. Hunter, Versailles, MO 65084.

Public Comment: None.

Friends Report: Imagination Library membership count is 194. A new law will soon move membership oversight to DESE. The next Friends meeting is September 21, 6 PM.

Secretary Pro Tem: Melissa Hedrick was appointed Secretary pro tem by the chair.

Minutes: Kathy moved, Melissa seconded, to accept the August 10, 2023 minutes with one spelling change. Motion carried.

Vouchers/Financial Report: Balance as of August 31, 2023, is $345,235.39. Kathy moved, Melissa seconded, to accept the report as presented. Motion carried.

Directors’ Report: Weekly Evergreen data-mapping meetings continue. September 19 will be the first remote training session for catalog usage. A Night at the Library is scheduled for October 21; it will have a Halloween theme. The 2023 seed library ended in August; 62 people participated, and plans are being made for next year.

Old Business: The Paid Time Off (PTO) policy was tabled until a decision could be reached with full board participation. Policies for Vacation, Leave of Absence with Pay, and Leave of Absence without Pay remained on the table, being contingent upon the PTO policy.

New Business: Kathy moved, Melissa seconded, to accept the 2024 Calendar.

Kathy moved, Melissa seconded, to accept the ECard Policy as revised, limiting online applications to people who have a physical address in Morgan County.

Adjournment: Kathy moved, Melissa seconded, to adjourn at 6:45 PM. Motion carried.

________________________________________                  ________________________________________

Mary Jo Jackson, President                                 Ann Brinson, Secretary

These minutes approved as _____________________ on ________________________