I am leaving for a short vacation tomorrow and it is time.  You know that feeling, it is like the last day of the workweek, times a million.  You just cannot wait and it just cannot get here fast enough.  The downside is the prep to be gone, I am busting it to get all the things done, it seems like weird things keep popping up, and all things are driving me a little crazier than normal. 

I have really tried to steer clear of angry rants over the last few weeks, but if you know me, or if you regularly read the bookworm, you are aware I am pretty good at angry and rants.  The last few weeks have had their share of moments that I cannot seem to let go.  It seems as if those who do not wear masks are angry with those of us that do, again or still, not sure which.  Here at the library, my staff and I are still wearing masks when we interact with the public, minus during summer programming (which is held outside and inside with social distancing).  I can name five patrons, in the last 2 weeks, which have had to share their view of masks/COVID with us.  Do not worry, I will not share their actual names, I would like to stay employed a little longer, or at least until Jeff Bezos decides to give me 100 million dollars, if you do not know what I am talking about, look it up.  Yep, that might also be an angry moment for me, if you want to come rant with me about the absurdity of space tourism, I will be back home by the time you read this. 

So, back to masks and people’s views. 

Person #1 – “It is so nice to see your beautiful faces; those masks will only make you sick.”   I am not a fan of the passive-aggressive model, or the backhanded compliment; pretty sure, this statement could qualify as both. 

Person #2 – “This library must be really germy.”  Another passive aggressive moment, which I had to reply to, which is the root of the problem, we all think we need to say how we feel.  Guess that means no more bookworms.

Person #3 – “Are you guys going to start making everyone wear masks again?”  Okay, I am pretty sure this is your first time coming to our library, and we never made everyone wear masks, urgghh, on that note, maybe I should let you know that we are open on Mondays.

Person #4 – “B.S., no one died of the flu last year.”  Well, sir, that information is not correct, maybe we need to help people understand how to spot “fake news”, oh yeah, we do.  Check out our website, specifically our resource link on technology. 

Person #5 – “You voted for Biden, shame on you.” This was after questioning our mask wearing. This one about ended me, seriously, no one gets to do that, no one.  I do not get to tell you how to vote, you do not get to tell me.  More importantly, intellectual freedom is the right of every individual to both seek and receive information from all points of view without restriction, publicly shaming someone seems like a restriction to me.

What is wrong with everyone?  Is it just me, and it is time for a vacation?  Man, I hope my trip fixes everything, but the pessimist in me says it will not, dang it. 

Yes, our faces are too pretty for masks.  The library is germy; you do know that people take things to their home?  Nope, we are not making you wear masks, heaven forbid we ask you to be considerate of our health, oops, that was snarky, but, seriously, we do NOT make YOU wear a mask.  According to the CDC, in 2018-19 there were 34,200 deaths, 22,000 in the 2019-2020 year.  It is none of your business how I or anyone else voted; I would never call shame on anyone who voted different from me.  Whatever, I am off to refresh, hopefully it works. 

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