Planning for 2021

This morning, Kate and I, will be doing a craft video.  We are going to use our database, Creativebug, to learn how to crochet.  I wanted to do it first, I like to get things over with that I am not looking forward to.  I am excited about trying it, not so excited about a video of me doing something I don’t know how to do, that involves my hands and will highlight my essential tremor and non-model like fingers.  I am sure it will be fun, at least for those who watch it on our Facebook page, and I hope I can actually progress beyond the chain that I mastered as a kid. 

The other day a Facebook-memory-bookworm-post popped up in my timeline.  It was about planning for the upcoming year, I commented that this was one of my favorite things.  Hmmm, not so much this year.  Thinking about 2021 just has me feeling, well, I am not even sure what word would describe what I am feeling…defeated, unsure…I just know I wouldn’t say that I am excited or that it is a favorite thing. 

I started working on the 2021 budget by eliminating the state aid revenue line, just in case.  Then I went through and decreased 7 line items to compensate for the state aid line.  State aid is a small part of our budget, but still very important as we found out during the time Nixon was our governor and Jason Kander was Secretary of State.  State aid for our library typically hovers around the 20,000 mark, for a couple of years it was around $7000 and $1500, that can really twist a budget that is stretched already.  Jay Ashcroft has been an excellent advocate for libraries and since he has been in office we have made it back to our 20,000 mark.  This year our aid has been fought for and so far, so good, but 2020 has us all nervous for the future. 

Budgeting is what it is, you cinch up your belt and go forward.  But I have yet to wrap my brain around future programming, I guess I am hoping the conspiracy theorists are correct and come November 4th COVID disappears.  Right now we are looking at right now and only a month ahead.  August brought back money intake for copies, etc., and book club onsite.  September we will add the book sale table and the Friends of the Library Book Sale; details will be posted soon.  Kate and I will continue to do crafts online with kits to pick up for our adults.  No computer classes, but I have some plans for that.  Still no Cancer Support group, my people need to be very cautious and safe at least until November 4th.  Insert winky face.

Children’s Programming, well, I will tell you this, Brittany is on it.  She is doing a bunch of research, seeing what other libraries are doing, and she has a list of things to try to make virtual programming more interesting.  Who would have thought kids would be tired of looking at screens?  Starting September 3rd, Brittany will be offering Book a Bubble.  This will be a private story time with her.  The story time will be 15 minutes long, parents must wear masks, social distancing will be practiced (we have some fun ways to handle this) and size is limited to 10 total (including parents and children).    

So 2021 doesn’t have me excited, I just cannot think that far ahead, but the list Brittany has created will more than help me get motivated for the future. 

Upcoming Events: 8/26 Story Time at 10am