Okay, I guess I should have written this last week, but I just wasn’t ready.  The governor did “open” the state on May 4th, but we did not open the library on that date. 

This is the time for you to groan or to say bad words.

Now I will give you some explanation.  Yes, the governor said we could open, but there are other sources we have used to make our decision.  We have been in contact with the Health Center, our staff, our Board, the State Library, etc.  The State Library actually had a task force that created guidelines for Missouri libraries reopening; they had 4 phases, we actually have 6. 

We are in Phase 3; Phase 4 will begin on May 18th.  At that time, with guidance and approval from the Health Center, we will open the library, specifically the lobby.  Until that date we will continue to offer curbside service.  When we open the lobby we will offer laptops, by appointment, for the public to use.  We will continue curbside service with card catalogs available in the lobby and staff to help patrons reserve items for pickup.  Our community room will not be available for use during this phase but I am hoping to try one adult program to see how we handle social distancing. 

Phase 5 will allow entry beyond the lobby and currently is planned for June 1st

Our plan is fluid, which means that it can change. 

Now for the biggest news.  At this point, I am sure our Summer Reading Program will be virtual.  Kiddos do not know how to social distance.  No worries, we are working on the best way to do it.  That information will be in a future bookworm and we will have ads in the paper and on the radio. 

I realize this is not ideal, but none of this is.  If your angry, keep it to yourself.  I feel for our President, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, WHO, our Governor, and you, Shawn Brantley.  These people are “darned” if they do, “darned” if they don’t.  If the country stays closed, our financial security is at risk.  If the country opens, our lives are at risk.  If you scoff at either of these things, stop.  We all are experiencing this pandemic in different ways.  Restrict your judgement and you guessed it, be nice. 

If you decide to be hateful about this or treat my staff in any way that is not respectful, I will be calm and pleasant but I will also call you out.  It is not all about you.  You still can get items, but for now, we want to give COVID 19 some time to see if it is done with us.  Be safe and practice kindness. 

Upcoming Events: Shared Story Time at 10:30am, Monday – Friday, Story Time with our Brittany on Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00am, Wild Robot story with Brenda every night at 5:00pm, Fitness Challenge at 8:00am, Monday – Friday, Creative Fun at 3:00pm, Monday – Friday, and Writing/Reading Time at 6:00pm, Monday – Friday