New Movies and Music


7-18-19-Adventures of the Wilderness Family 1, 2 & 3, Endeavour-Season 6, Chasing the Moon, Pet Sematary, A Fatherless America, Recipe for a Perfect Christmas

7-16-19-Iris, The Public, The Best of Enemies, In Search of Greatness, American Experience-Stonewall Uprising

7-12-19-The Proposal, Woodstock- 3 days of peace and music, Root Cause, The Russian Five

7-11-19-The Man in the Iron Mask, Kingpin, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Little, Wild Kratts-Shark-Tastic!, Wonder Park, Westside vs The World, Nothing Left Behind, Pretty Woman












7-16-19-Echo in the Canyon

7-5-19-Hot Chip-A Bathfull of Ecstasy, The Black Keys-Let’s Rock

6-28-19- The Raconteurs-Help Us Stranger, Jeff Lynne’s ELO-Alone in the Universe, Willie Nelson-Ride Me Back Home, Thomas Rhett-Center Point Road