Morgan County Library

Board of Trustees

Mar. 9, 2023

Present: Stacey Embry, Curtis Cunningham, Ann Brinson, Kathy Jones, Lena Menning.

Absent: Mary Jo Jackson.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Curtis Cunningham at 5:45 p.m. It was held at 600 N. Hunter, Versailles, MO 65084.

Public Comment: none.

Friends Report: At its February 16 meeting, the group agreed that the proceeds from its early-bird entry fee to the annual book sale will go to the Imagination Library. Book donations for the sale are being sought and welcomed. Progress on the Imagination Library continues. The Friends Book Sale is April 28 and April 29.

Minutes: Kathy moved, Lena seconded, to accept the February 9, 2023 minutes. Motion carried.

Vouchers/Financial Report: Current balance as of February 28, 2023, is $525,505.41. Ann moved, Kathy seconded, to accept the report as presented. Motion carried.

Directors’ Report:

  • Circulation numbers are higher than last year at this time.
  • An installation date of March 18 has been set for the first Little Free Library, to be located in Stover.
  • Evergreen barcoding is making great progress. From January 25 to March 1, nearly 9,000 items in the collection were re-barcoded.
  • Progress is being made on the Seed Library, which will make various seeds available for planting. The Seed Library in Mansfield is sending donations. Donations are also being sought from local sources.

Old Business: The results of the Missouri Public Library Standards survey were reviewed.

New Business: The Record Retention Policy and the Board of Trustees Code of Ethics were reviewed.

Closed Session: At 6:24 PM, Kathy moved, Lena seconded, to move the meeting to closed session, pursuant of Section 610.021.3.

Roll call vote as follows:

Lena- Yes          Kathy-Yes             Curtis- Yes      Ann-Yes

Adjournment: Kathy moved, Lena seconded, to adjourn at 6:37 PM. Motion carried.

________________________________________                  ________________________________________

Mary Jo Jackson, President                                 Ann Brinson, Secretary

These minutes approved as _____________________ on ________________________