It’s Our Fault

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Elon Musk and Twitter.  Remember my disgust at his 2.64 billion he spent on a stake in Twitter?  He must have heard me, and with a grin and a ton of money said, “Watch this”. 

This week, Musk purchased Twitter for 44 billion.  Picture Animal of the Muppets screaming and running, that is me. 

You know what we do.  Right?  Find the positive. 

Our preschoolers finally made it for their fieldtrip; we spent the first half of the day hanging out with 60 little tigers. This old, former high school teacher had to put on her “Suzy Sunshine” face and hope to not make any littles cry.  Success, well, sort of, I think the kids were okay, but the adults might have wanted to cry when I started kicking the balloons.  The kiddos were awesome, they followed directions, took turns, cleaned up, all excellent behavior and then I started kicking balloons. 

Brittany read stories and sang songs, Kelly did crafts and played games, Shirley handed out stickers and shark bracelets, and I took them on a tour and showed them our toys.  Oh yeah, I had them walk the plank and kick balloons at sharks (see it was totally necessary) and they even crawled through a cave of seaweed. 

We had a wonderful time, but it comes with a warning for all the families of these kiddos: They are going to want to come back.  We happily take the blame, for it is all our fault, we showed them how fun the library is. Fun for all ages and now they know all the cool things that are just for them: LEGO Saturdays, computers, toys, story time, summer reading program, and of course tons of books.

60 new recruits, 60 sweet kiddos that could care less about Twitter, or 44 billion dollars for that matter, 60 rays of positivity. Thank you MCR2 for sharing the kiddos with us!

Musk spent 44 billion with the claim to bring back “free speech.” Okay. 

This week the Brooklyn Public Library launched a new initiative called “Books UnBanned”, challenging censorship and book bans head-on by opening its collection to readers nationwide.  Teens and young adults, no matter where they live in the U.S., can apply for a free eCard from the Brooklyn Public Library to access its collection of e-books.

See the difference?

Remember the Imagination Library I mentioned, the program that has put over 150 million books in children’s hands worldwide, imagine what 44 billion could do. Stay positive, Stacey, stay positive.    

Upcoming Events: 5/3 Book Club at 6:30pm, 5/4 Story Time at 10am, 5/7 Farmers’ Market from 9am – noon. May is the last month to participate in the Little House Reading Challenge.