It’s okay, the world is ending

Well, I am back to my consistent theme of what the heck is happening.  Again, maybe it is my age, or it could just be a mental illness, but I cannot help but fall back into this lingering sense of dread and sorrow that permeates the world I am living in.  Do you feel it or do I need to up my meds? 

I am not depressed; I just feel confused which leads me to the need to explain my various behaviors.  Seriously, my body compensates my unrest by doing some pretty weird things. 

Last week I was doing some “quick” weeding.  I wish that our building was magical and just expanded to hold all the books without increasing its very real square footage.  It is pretty magical but not at a Hogwarts or Starless Sea level.  So, yep, weeding is a never ending task.  Eleven months of the year we are adding new content averaging at approximately 50 new books in adults, 75 in juvenile and easies, and 10 in young adult.  Those numbers are for each month.  I am sure that when we first moved into this building there was room to fill, not anymore, so technically there should be even movement in and out, and I am not talking about circulation.  50 new adult books in, 50 adult books deleted, etc., monthly. 

The “quick” weeding, which in itself is therapeutic for crazy Stacey, also led to another of my behaviors/issues.  I started cleaning.  You know, the kind of cleaning that results in an absolute disaster, resulting in stacks of material scattered across multiple locations and trash cans overflowing.  All of which can make those around you question if they need to call someone for a straightjacket.  It started on a Wednesday and ending shortly before closing on Thursday afternoon.  My poor staff.  One referred to me as a whirling dervish, another, a squirrel on cocaine. 

The behavior has continued to this week, with the focus back on the weeding.  The cleaning was a result of needing more room for the books we have deleted that I am saving for our future free libraries.  But, in my whirling-cocaine-squirrel state, what started in my office led to some cabinets in the workroom and kitchen, and finally one of our storage rooms.  So, while I am not the sweaty mess I was last week, I do have a table full of potential deletes and I am having a hard time not running an overabundance of reports, and I am saying that knowing that I have run probably 15+ different reports this week alone. 

It’s okay, the world is ending.  

I don’t watch the news, but it really is hard to hide from the goings on of our world.  I work hard trying to just live and let the ugly roll off of me, but, as I said before, I cannot help but feel dread, sorrow, confusion.  Again, don’t worry I am so lucky that I don’t fall into a depressed-end-it-all-state, I just get things done in the weirdest, most manic, out of control way. 

My office looks great, so does the storage room, and the weeding, well, I have you covered with even more things to read, something every reader wants, more material.  Again, the world is ending, read all the books that you desire. Insert winky face, and probably that big eyed oh, no face. 

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