I have an idea

I have an idea, well actually, someone else had an idea that I chose to borrow.  At the PLA conference I attended a session titled, “Home Delivery: Three Innovative Models Today and the Funky Future.”  Obviously, home delivery is not new, just as neither are bookmobiles nor delivery routes for that matter.  However, this library also did pop up options (random locations), bags of books for a similar type of free library checkout and my favorite an outreach/volunteer combination. 

Volunteers are matched up with a patron for a home delivery service to make sure that everyone has access to Library resources even if they are physically unable to visit the library.  Volunteers check out, deliver and return items for the patron they are paired with.  Not only does this give them access to library material, it provides a chance for some social interaction for individuals that are alone and homebound. 

Doesn’t that just sound lovely?  Well, of course it does, for some people, but there are some of us that might love to deliver the items but not spend time hanging around for a visit, or maybe get their books without having to invite someone into their home.  You know, someday I want someone that brings me what I want to read, but just drops them at the door with a smile and they scoot along their merry way. 

So, how do we figure this out?  Well, we are in the first steps. I have put a google survey link on our Facebook page, and next week I will have a paper copy available at the library.  This survey will determine if we have people that would qualify for and use this service.  To be eligible patrons must live in Morgan County and be physically unable to access a Library location due to disability or mobility issues.   The survey also allows people to show interest in being a volunteer.  We hope to find volunteers and patrons throughout Morgan County.  We also hope to find the perfect pair ups.  You know, me, with someone like me, you, with someone like you. 

Would I love to have a bookmobile that would take care of all these issues?  Hmmm, maybe.  I know we cannot afford a bookmobile at this time and honestly, back to Senate Bill 775, I know some libraries are experiencing some difficult decisions about their normal routes.  “Several of us larger libraries are talking with our attorneys about potential ramifications for public library services, such as when our small bookmobile visits the school district’s early learning centers.” “We’ve decided to relocate our three bookmobile stops that we were planning to have at schools. We’re still going to be in the vicinity, but just not on school property.”  So, I guess it really is a nope to the bookmobile, not a maybe.

I am so excited about this idea.  What a wonderful service this can be, what a wonderful service you can be involved in, so, please share “my” idea.  The hardest part of this will be this initial first step, finding our homebound people.  Obviously, they cannot come in for my paper survey so, that is where you come in.  You can pick one up for them and if they have internet access and you do too, share the link I posted with them.  Heck, tell them it was all your idea.

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