I am more than just Angry

I am totally aware that I lean to the angry side most of the time.  I have no clue why I am that way, but it is probably too late to change.  To be honest, we all spend so much time not liking things about ourselves, trying to better, and I just refuse to be apologetic or feel shame for being me.  With that being said, I am more than just angry.  I am inappropriate, tired, empathetic, liberal, sometimes funny, well, I am a lot of things.  But for this week we are going to focus on the soft side of me that my face and words don’t always reflect. 

I taught for 16 years, but I would not say that I just love kids.  Hmmm, guess we can add mean and heartless to the things I am.  I do love kids, I just don’t want to do story time, teach, babysit, you get the idea.  I do love watching them, not in a creepy way or as the role of babysitter. I used to love picking up Ashlee from Wee Care, I would stand at the door and just watch her play before I let her see me.  When Lauren was little, John and I would sometimes enjoy searching for her on the playground as we drove by.  There is something so pure about watching a kid just being a kid.  

On Wednesday, I looked up to see the kiddos playing librarian after story time.  There were 3 children sitting facing the steps in the children’s room, a couple had stuffed animals on their laps just like Brittany does during Lap Time Story Time. Brittany has started providing a story time specifically for the littlest of our littles at 9:45am on Wednesdays, she reads to the babies and holds her little stuffed dog named Brownie.  Brittany noticed and ran over to play the part of the kiddos for this group of little librarians.  It was a moment of watching little kiddos being pure that activated that small, but existing, soft side of this generally angry person. I then was treated to 4 small girls playing ring-a-round-the-rosie.  They would sing, holding hands and spinning in a circle, finishing with the fall down part, and just like the Grinch, I am pretty sure my heart grew 3 sizes.

So in the midst of the typical things that can cause a bad day, there are those precious moments of joy.  I have one more moment of joy to share.  A father came in with his 2 kiddos, one that was attending a 4-H event and a new little baby that got to enjoy some one on one time with their daddy.  I enjoyed listening to him talk to the baby, encouraging them when they burped after their feeding and soothing them in the bathroom when they were being changed.  As sweet as that was, then I was treated to that little baby talking, and boy did it, no fussing, just an abundance of baby vocalizations. 

Yep, I am more than just angry, I am also tender hearted and enjoy that sweet age of innocence.  Kiddos are our biggest fans and we love them, yep, we, that includes me. 

Upcoming Events: 9/28 Lap Time Story Time at 9:45, followed by Story Time at 10am, 10/1 CLOSED, 10/5 Book Club at 6:30pm, and Bookopoly Reading Challenge continues.