Don’t throw gas on it

Last night I made Buffalo chicken wraps.  They are my copycat of Whittle’s Pub’s wrap, a necessity in this time of the “sickness.”  I will go back to Whittle’s someday, just not yet.  

There is a process to assembling the wraps, so I made 3 stations.  It seemed perfectly reasonable to me, bless my poor family.  Early at work I had spent the day on the logistics for Summer Reading Program.  We have an overall plan, a list with each person’s specific tasks, and weekly cards for staff to have an easy cheat sheet for patron questions.  I have talked about the large tasks of creating new procedures during this time, well, it apparently is taking over my personal life too.  Boo!

If you have been following my life story for the past couple years then you know that this is not the way that I want to live. 

As soothing as sorting and organizing can be for this self-professed crazy person, there is the fine line that drops into the anxiety zone, a place I don’t want to be in, especially in my personal life. I am still struggling, yep, I am following the rules, masks, limited exposure, social distancing, etc.  I know the state is “open” and some people have resumed their normal lives, heck, maybe they never lived differently and I guess that is their prerogative. 

The other day someone mentioned their take on COVID, “Just a way of thinning the herd.”  Okay, but I don’t want anyone I love, including myself, to be part of that herd.  I also don’t want the library to, in anyway, participate with this so called “thinning.”  We are taking it slow, again with the safety of my staff and patron’s health at the forefront of all of our decisions.

This week was our first week with the lobby opened.  It has been slow.  Most people have expressed their appreciation, some people have expressed their frustration.  Working with the public is always interesting.  See, I am positive, that statement could have been worded differently and you know it.  I recognize that we are all struggling, may we all recognize that.

When patron frustration has shown itself, my staff has stayed calm and professional.  I don’t know if everyone is aware of this, but you don’t have to argue with people.  You don’t have to disagree or even share your opinion.  I learned a long time ago that if are not enjoying what is taking place, then don’t throw gas on it.  Don’t feed the fire that is burning, let it die down on its own. 

CreativeBug is still not up, it will get there.   People miss browsing the library, we will get there.  June 1st will mark a new phase in reopening, hopefully I have a clearer picture by next week.  Tonight we are having spaghetti, I think we can get by with 3 stations, or maybe I should just let it go and eat it with my fingers. 

Upcoming Events: Shared Story Time at 10:30am, Monday – Friday, Story Time with our Brittany on Wednesday and Saturday at 10:00am, Creative Fun at 3:00pm, Monday – Friday, and Writing/Reading Time at 6:00pm, Monday – Friday