I am sad today.   Here I am writing another Bookworm about a friend I lost to cancer.  If you think this is too personal for the library, no worries, the library is part of this story, better yet, maybe you shouldn’t read my Bookworms. 

Cancer blessed me in many ways, but mostly by bringing some wonderful people into my life. Granted it has taken some of these people away, but I would do it all over again just to share time with them. 

I have known the Hill girls since some of my earliest memories.  I loved visiting their place, across from the post office, to purchase cold-cuts.  Pam was part of the first book clubs we started when I became director.  But Deb, well, we had a whole other adventure together. 

My first treatment was on July 3rd 2018 and guess who was right beside me, yep, Deb.  We were both at the infusion room at Goldschmidt.  We shared a mutual friend and he was there that day.  Kenn brought us together with his wonderful humor, and I cannot thank him enough.  Deb and I saved seats for each other from that day forward and she helped me through each treatment, I dreaded each visit and I was a mess, but she was a guiding light that got me through.  Kim, one of our favorite nurses, would always ask us if we were going to behave, nope.  Nope was always the answer.  We tried to make the best of a bad situation.  We made sure we tried all the snacks and we critiqued every meal they served us.  We filled the room with our visitors and felt heartbroken when we saw people alone. 

Deb would come to the library during this time.  It made me wonder if I just didn’t notice her until this time.  Funny thing is she hadn’t checked out a book since 2008, but in September of 2018 she started coming in pretty regularly.  I am crying now because I realize as much as she loved reading the Louise Penny books, she came here to see me. I had no idea.  That was what was so great about Deb, she just loved you and took care of you without any fanfare or want for applause.  She was the most genuine person I have ever known. 

Amy Krouse Rosenthal wrote a lovely book called I Wish You More. I am going to share the words of her story with you, words that I know Deb would all of you to want to hear.

“I wish you more ups than downs.  I wish you more give than take. I wish you more tippy-toes than deep. I wish you more we than me.  I wish you more hugs than ughs.  I wish you more Woo-Hoo! Than Whoa!  I wish you more will than hill. I wish you more can than knot. (Knot goes with the illustration in the book) I wish you more snowflakes than tongue. I wish you more pause than fast-forward.  I wish you more umbrella than rain. I wish you more bubbles than bath.  I wish you more treasures than pockets.  I wish you more stories than stars.  I wish all of this for you, because you are everything I could wish for and more.” 

Amy Krouse Rosenthal died on March 13, 2017, the dreaded C word took her too, in fact the same kind that took my friend Deb away.  Amy tattooed More on her wrist. 

We all want more.  All those that we lost, wanted more.  Deb wanted more.  Live your day with that in mind.  Be kind and live fully. 

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