Cover Me in Sunshine

Sometimes I sass about my library qualifications, as in I do not have any.  Well, I have some experience, I just don’t have a library science degree.  I like to throw out how my non-existent degree qualifies me to do some of the random jobs I encounter: putting mulch down, drilling holes in buckets and planting veggies, flushing left behinds, picking trash up from the parking lot, etc., you get it.  I am not dismissing the degree in any shape or form, but I am just reminding myself why I will not be pursuing one. 

I have a staff member that is currently working toward her library science degree and I love hearing about her classes.  I mentioned to my husband last weekend how they just throw a million things at her and it made me reflect on my teaching degree, which led me to pondering the role of higher education in general.  Based on my experience and observations I just don’t think anything beats hands-on/actual work experience.  College did not teach me how to teach, teaching taught me how to teach.  I can list maybe 3 college courses that helped prepare me for that first day of school, 9 credit hours out of over 120, hmmm. 

What is the answer?  Tech schools have it right, charge fees and make money, but shorten it down to what is most important for the job.  Or, if you want to make more money and think doubling the required hours is necessary, then spend that time making the students really well rounded.  That is the concept behind “gen eds” (general education, which is typically the first 2 years of a 4-year degree), but honestly high school should have already met that requirement.  How about they spend that time teaching time management skills, empathy, active listening skills, work ethics, work/life balance, mental health, just all the things to make you realize that people, most importantly, you, need and deserve respect, joy and moments covered in sunshine. 

If you get the chance listen to Pink’s song, “Cover Me in Sunshine,” I might reference it a few times but more importantly, it is uplifting and hopefully it will brighten your day.   

Just imagine people laughing / I know some day we will / And even if it’s far away / Get me through another day

Cover me in sunshine / Shower me with good times / Tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning / And everything will be alright

My daughter started a new job today at Veterans United.  Yesterday, they sent her a “welcome to the family” card with a ten-dollar bill inside for her to share with someone in her community.  This is the same company that provides 24 PTO hours for employees to participate in various clubs at work and whole list of other awesome benefits and opportunities.  This company gets it, almost as if they understand how important it is to be good to your employees or just how important people are.  I am not jealous of her job; I am excited about the prospect of companies/people getting “it”.  I hope when you hear about people that find these awesome places of employment, that you don’t get angry or jealous, but that you start to get it too.  Maybe you go out that day and try to make the effort to make things better for yourself and others, that you help others get through another day.  I often hear comments about why we need 4-5 employees on staff; it is always when we are empty.  I hate it.  It makes me angry and defensive, I bet if we all had that 2 years of classes that I proposed, at least one of us might deal with that situation in a more positive way. 

I am sure some of these ideas are repeats of past bookworms, but sometimes things bare repeating.  Be kind, value yourself and others, and everything will be alright. 

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