For release: Immediately
October 4, 2022

Contact: Stacey Embry, Director, Morgan County Library.

Last Tuesday I left work around 1:30 to head to Springfield for the MLA (Missouri Library Association) conference.  The conference lasted until 1pm on Friday.  On Thursday I went to my daughter’s house and loaded my truck with wedding things, yep, I will get to that in a minute.  Friday I headed home, took a short nap and started enjoying the Apple Festival activities, cruise night, check.  Saturday arrives and we head to the parade, followed by a walk around the square and you guessed it, another nap, this one was not so short.  At 4pm we head to Charley’s for their “Last Supper”, nope, I did not make that up, they had shirts with it printed on them.  When we arrived I was number 222 in line.  Sunday rolled around and I spent the day at home, catching my breath, because another busy week lay ahead of me.  I will be leaving work at 5:30 on Tuesday, not for a conference or fall festival, but in preparation for that wedding I mentioned earlier.  My daughter, Ashlee is getting married this weekend to her best friend, David. 

So, last week was a short week of work, well, kind of, I did do library things all week, and here we are with another short week, with a different kind of work to be done.  Ashlee has done all the real work and planning and I will only really be feeding them for the remainder of the week and doing whatever tasks I am told to do, easy peasy.  Seriously, I so much appreciate the work she has done for the last year plus, John and I only had to find our fancy duds to wear and for me, that was work enough. 

It feels a little whirlwindy, these last two weeks, but the conference was great, the festival was a huge success for our community, and like I mentioned before, Ashlee has done all the work for this upcoming weekend and I am so excited for the celebration we will enjoy with the lovely couple, friends and family. 

The conference could have been the whole bookworm, and probably will be in the future, but my mind is a little scattered and I don’t even know where to start. I learned best practices for RA (Reader’s Advisory); I have pages of notes with ideas!  I am excited to revamp our staff training, and it couldn’t come at a better time, as we add a new part time staff member, one of these days I will have this job down pat, winky face.  I am excited about adding a seed library to our list of services.  I have a list of great new reads coming up in the next few months and a ton of new ideas on how to market them in our library.  I ended the conference with a dealing with stress session, followed by a wellness session.  How perfect was that? 

I have used EFT Tapping, breathing techniques, and simple yoga poses and here I am, busy, but full of joy versus the normal dose of anxiety.  What a wonderful 2 weeks it has been and it is winding up with the best part yet, my little kiddo’s big day. 

Upcoming Events: 10/12 Lap Time Story Time at 9:45, followed by Story Time at 10am, 10/15 Ranch House Story Time at 9am, and Bookopoly Reading Challenge continues.