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Subtle Art

Subtle art Tuesday was blood work, port flush and a checkup for me, I had not talked to my doctor since March.  I am doing great, well, physically I am fine, the mental game is still the toughest part.  My poor doctor, her specialty is oncology, but she gets...

What are you missing?

What are you missing? Just the other day a patron asked me when the library was going to get back to normal.  After a brief discussion, he suggested I use this column to let the community know the state of the library.  I thought I had already been doing...

Overdues, Fines and the PA

Overdues, Fines and the PA The library currently has 2,633 items checked out.  The value of these items is just shy of $350,000.  At least 480 of these items are never coming back, they are valued at just a hair over $7,700.  Today (June 23, 2020),...

I am aware of what he said

I am aware of what he said On June 16th, the state moved to Phase 2 of Parson's "Show Me Strong Recovery Plan," which essentially lifts all restrictions.  Hmmm, we are not doing that.  At our board meeting on June 11th the trustees decided that we would...


Deb I am sad today.   Here I am writing another Bookworm about a friend I lost to cancer.  If you think this is too personal for the library, no worries, the library is part of this story, better yet, maybe you shouldn’t read my Bookworms.  Cancer...


WE I have been thinking about this Bookworm for a few days now.  I have writing it over and over again in my head.  When I left the house this morning I told my family that this one might get me fired, and if not, it will surely draw complaints. So with that...

Here We Go

Here we go We went camping last week.  Don’t freak out, we stayed to ourselves and packed our own food.  Sunday at 3:48am Lauren and I woke up and spent a little time on our phones.  Next thing I know, she says, “We are trending.”  ...

Don’t throw gas on it

Don’t throw gas on it Last night I made Buffalo chicken wraps.  They are my copycat of Whittle’s Pub’s wrap, a necessity in this time of the “sickness.”  I will go back to Whittle’s someday, just not yet.   There is a process to assembling the...

Summer Reading Program: COVID version

Summer Reading Program: COVID version I just reread my Bookworm for last week and have to make 2 corrections.  CreativeBug is still not live and ready for use and Summer Reading Program (SRP) enrollment has been pushed off to May 26th. I have talked about protocol and...

What are we doing?

What we are doing Hopefully everything goes as planned and, as you are reading this, we are preparing to open the lobby on May 18th; I mentioned this in last week’s bookworm.  Our goal is to have 2 laptops for card catalogs to checkout items and 2 laptops for...

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