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Week 456

Week 456 I am tired of this. Can that be all I write? Just kidding, you know I always find something to say.  I have not started journaling yet, but plan to this next week.  I will be sharing it on my personal page and when I get to work today I am creating...

This is how it feels

This is how it feels Monday I was on fire, I shopped for groceries and cleaned the house.  I felt ah-mazing!  Tuesday I was sad and found it hard to do anything.  Wednesday I woke up early and made our 4th closure protocol document, figured out Zoom and...

How are you doing?

How are you doing? Yep, we are still closed.  Our original day to reopen was April 6th, that has changed, with the advisement of the Health Center we will be closed until further notice. So, how are you doing?  Seriously, are you okay?  We are all...

Week 2 of Dystopia

Week 2 of Dystopia What do you write about when you have been “closed” since March 18th?  I know I have gone over our digital resources, but I am going to briefly visit them again, some things have changed.   OverDrive offers eBooks, audiobooks,...

Still Be Calm and Be Safe

Still Be Calm and Be Safe I think this is a perfect time to quote the classic film, Anchorman.  Ron Burgundy: Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast. Champ Kind: It jumped up a notch. Ron Burgundy: It did, didn’t it? The world has...

Be Calm

Be Calm Two days ago, I thought had my bookworm all planned out.  Then last night I read a director thread on the Coronavirus, which led to some internet searching.  Now I find myself staring at the screen, fretting over what to write and trying to keep my...

Taste Test

Taste Test I pretty much love food, and I am not picky.  I used to be picky, wish I still was, it might be easier to not gain weight if I could say no to most things.  As I got older I became okay with my food touching and finally stopped special ordering no...

Stats or More Grouchiness

Stats or More Grouchiness The last 2 weeks of writing were easy.  Just share what my staff does, the hardest part being to include everything without filling the whole newspaper.  Today I struggle with sharing stats or being grouchy again.  The grouchiness thing is...

My Staff Round #2

My Staff Round #2 This bookworm is a continuation of last week, so if you have not read that one, make sure you do.  I am sharing the tasks of my staff and basically what a day in the life of a librarian looks like.  I have 7 staff members and discussed 4 of...

My Staff

My Staff Last night was our first Trivia night with Bee’s Knees and the Versailles Chamber of Commerce.  We filled 61 chairs and it was awesome!  Brittany helped with set up, Kate helped with scoring and sheet pick up, and Shirley was my judge and right hand...

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