This week we started our latest reading challenge, Bookopoly.  This challenge is for all ages and yep, you guessed it, is a spin on the game Monopoly.  Kate not only created this whole challenge, but she also made the awesome Bookopoly “game board” and our amazing display. 

The board is set up very similar to the Monopoly game board, minus the go to jail space.  It has been replaced with go to the Library.  This might be the first time people finish the game without a fight, seriously, if you know, you know.  Monopoly is a time commitment and the challenge will not be much different, we have scheduled the completion for March.  But don’t let that scare you off, the board holds a variety of surprises and fun to keep everyone entertained. 

When you sign up you will be given a “board” (handout), and dice to start your journey.  There are eight “properties”, but in this case reading suggestions: genre, other, author, title, shelf, travel, cover and setting.  For example, the Cover section includes 3 spaces: cover you like, cover with a flower, and cover with your favorite color.  Adults and teens will need to finish one of each “property/color/reading suggestion.”  For example, I might land on “cover you like”, I read a book with a cool cover and I am finished with the cover section.   Children will need to complete every color/property suggestion to finish, so, cover they like, cover with a flower, and cover with their favorite color, you get the idea. 

When you finish a color, you head into to see us, we give you a snazzy library keychain and a bead matching the color you just completed.  You will add beads to the keychain as you finish each of the colors/properties. 

Pretty nifty, right?  It gets better!  The board also holds the following familiar sections: chance, community chest and railroads.  The chance section is marked with a question mark.  You will be asked different things, for example: share your favorite book.  You will be given a Bookopoly card to write it down on and it will be added to our display.  When you land on community chest (2 times max) you will be given a coupon to a local business and a library decal.  For the railroad sections we have listed 4 different places to visit in our community, you can share a photo with us by posting on the Bookopoly Facebook event page, or do it old school and just share it with us when you visit.  

Hopefully this board will keep reading fresh and exciting for you as we end 2022 and head into 2023, and yes you will get some swag throughout, but if you finish it, well, the swag gets bigger.  We will draw a selection of winners from the completed boards to win library t-shirts and gift cards to local businesses.  So, you just have to participate, a library keychain and the potential for a library t-shirt, coupons and gift cards to local businesses, and excellent reading suggestions, it really is a no-brainer. 

I am pretty excited about this challenge, obviously, but what until you see the display, you will be right there with me, that Kate is pretty awesome. 

Upcoming Events: 9/21 Story Time at 10am, Bookopoly Reading Challenge continues.