Morgan County Library

Board of Trustees

Aug. 11, 2022

Present: Kathy Jones, Stacey Embry, Mary Jo Jackson, Curtis Cunningham, Ann Brinson, Lena Menning

Absent: None.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Mary Jo Jackson at 5:15 p.m. It was held at 600 N. Hunter, Versailles, MO 65084

Tax Rate Hearing: Stacey reported that 98% of the library’s county income for 2022 is $425,482. The “Notice of Public Hearing” was previously submitted for publication in the newspaper, but no public comment was offered.

Minutes: Kathy moved, Curtis seconded, to accept the July 14, 2022 minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Vouchers/Financial Report: Current balance as of July 31, 2022, is $309,871.13. There was no discussion. Ann moved, Kathy seconded, to accept the report as presented. Motion carried. Clarifying questions concerning the annual budget were discussed.

Directors’ Report:

  • Circulation numbers are up, with a notable increase in foot traffic. The benefits of having cars in the parking lot during the Summer Reading Project (SPR) and farmers’ market were noted.
  • SRP statistics indicate a record year, amounting to about 300 more participants than pre-COVID years.
  • STEAM kits are enjoying great popularity.
  • TumbleBooks will no longer be offered by the state. Stacey will explore a library subscription if demand calls for it.
  • Inter-Library Loan (ILL) currently allows for the library to borrow books from other libraries. Revisions are underway that will allow us also to lend books. The library will be allowed to set up its own rules and standards for lending through ILL.
  • World Book online will be terminated due to lack of use.
  • Participation in Ancestory.com is being reviewed in light of alternative resources that are available.
  • Two book-drop receptacles are nearly complete, with a plan to locate one near the bike rack in front of the library and the second in Stover.
  • Technical assistance is being sought to revamp the Stover book vending machine to make it more suitable for our situation.
  • State funding for next year will be about $20,000 more than received for this year’s budget.
  • The library will close at noon on Friday, August 26, for staff workshop, strategic planning, and appreciation for the success of the SRP.

Old Business: The CD approach seems to remain the best option for investment. The CDs at Citizens’ Bank and at Bank of Versailles are in good shape. Bond investing would require a revision of the library’s investment policy; bonds are also not considered liquid assets. No action was taken.

The strategic plan remained tabled until September.

New Business: Mary Jo Jackson read the minutes of the most recent meeting of the Friends of the Morgan County Library. The minutes included updates on the Imagination Library project and plans to install a sidewalk between the current library sidewalk and the pavilion.

The library’s current smoking policy was briefly discussed, then tabled pending further research.

Adjournment: Lena moved, Curtis seconded to adjourn the meeting at 6:01 p.m. Motion carried.

________________________________________                  ________________________________________

Mary Jo Jackson, President                                 Ann Brinson, Secretary

These minutes approved as _____________________ on ________________________