Juvenile/Young Adult

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys

Both are “classic” reads and still are checked out daily at the library.


Nancy and the Hardy Boys have been revisited.  We now offer the Nancy Drew Diaries and the Hardy Boys Adventures!

 The series is meant to replace the Girl Detective series. The plot is like the original series, where Nancy relies on wits instead of technology.  The series was announced in 2011 to reboot the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series’ sagging sales with four volumes. The series was released on February 5, 2013 as a breeder set of the first two volumes. The series was very successful, and, in March 2013, three books were added to the series, with books now planned for 2015 also, making a total of 11 books.  The library has 15 titles, so the series has continued.

In 2011 Simon & Schuster cancelled the Undercover Brothers series and launched a new series, Hardy Boys Adventures, publishing four volumes in 2013. The reboot series publishes two to three new titles a year in paperback, hardcover book with dust jacket, and as eBooks. This series is written in the first person with chapters alternating between Frank’s and Joe’s narration. The first four titles had an initial printing of 25,000 copies in paperback and 2,500 copies in hardcover. Books 5 through 8 had an initial print run of 25,000 in paperback and 5,000 in hardcover. Books 9 and 10 had an initial print run of 10,000 in paperback and 5,000 in hardcover. Audio books released starting in 2015 on CD and download, read by Tim Gregory.[1] The first three titles will be published as a single volume in June 2016 using the cover art from the first book in the series.  The library has 14 titles.