Bon Jovi

A few weeks ago, I was notified by a staff member that we had no Bon Jovi CDs.  “Really, did someone request them?”  Two staff members requested them, and I try to be a good boss…so we now have 2 Bon Jovi CDs.

Bon Jovi Greatest Hits and This House is Not for Sale

Both items are currently checked out…I think to one of the two staff members.

Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell passed away August 8, 2017.  Again, no CDs were to be found, so I purchased one. 

Glen Campbell Greatest Hits

This CD is currently on the shelf.

Glen Campbell: Greatest Hits

I love buying music for the library.  I always look for something that might not be on our available radio stations…or something that evokes special memories.

Bon Jovi – a funny story with my daughter and my mom

Glen Campbell – a dear friend that sang Rhinestone Cowboy to our whole class in kindergarten…I miss them both.