It Can Start with You

I wish I could record the thoughts in my head.  Not all of them, sometimes no evidence is the best policy.  Specifically, I am referring to my thought process while planning on writing the Bookworm.  The process covers a good hour or two each week, although not for the last two weeks because I wasn’t feeling well.  It is a weird internal moment, almost therapeutic.  I imagine if it could be recorded it would sound as beautiful as the Jack Kerouac narrations during the movie “Big Sur”, but honestly it would probably sound more like a dark episode of “The Gilmore Girls,” with crazy thoughts and fast talking.  I generally start out angry about something, nothing like a good rant.  Sometimes that comes out, sometimes I make it past that.  This week started with a good vent, but I decided to take my own advice, more on that later, let’s start with the good.

If you every want a job at the library, or any library for that matter, I will give you a little advice.  Do not say you love reading.  That is great, but that does not move you up on the list.  Granted I love that my staff all reads, but that is not what I value most about them.  So what should you say?  Say you love order.  Tell them that you love to sort things, that you have to have things organized.  That will move you up on the list.

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I wanted to high five my staff at the end of the day.  Why, because we embraced our love of order.  The library is getting some new shelving for various areas of the library.  We are becoming a pretty active library and with our activities comes things, lots of things: a sensory table, blocks, puzzles, art supplies, board games, etc.  Stacking had become the method of organization.  Yuck!  Stacking leads to towers and pathways and forgotten and lost items, so shelving is on its way.  We are preparing by going through our accumulated stacks.  Amy has been leading our attack on our back storage room and it has been a beautiful, messy thing.

We recently developed a weeding policy, as in you cannot keep everything.  More order, maybe it doesn’t include moving big tubs of years of collected Holiday decorations, but it is still satisfying to my wellbeing.  Did I mention, if you say you love order then you must mean it, it must create a feeling of peace within you.  As Sheree helped Berenice and I comb the shelves to find items that had not been checked out for years it led to another what-more-can-we-do-to-tidy-up-things moment.  Shirley and I ran reports on items that are never coming back and what needs to be replaced and more order was created.

So after I made it through my angry thoughts this morning this was where I ended up; with the great things accomplished at the library.  I decided to let the bad go, I think it would have made a great article, but I felt that I would be feeding the very thing that I was upset about.  Early this week I had a moment, a moment that upset me for a couple of days.  I made it through, but I left with the feeling of why do we have to be that way.  My complaint revolved around the negative feedback that seems to be a dominate feature of social media.   A positive post or event is overlooked, but controversial topics are visited with a sick fever.  Someone I was visiting with, even mentioned that this was why they loved Twitter, because you can just let it all out.  Hmmm.  I will admit I find myself enjoying some tweets that are mean in nature, but how productive it that?

The library has a Twitter account that I have really not known what to do with.  Today I made a decision to do something positive with it.  Mrs. Hughes (Yarger now) used to post quotes on her chalkboard.  So the library will start doing the same, we will be posting positive quotes, literary quotes, anything but hate, anger, or opinion.  My friend who loves Twitter mentioned that he didn’t know how to change what was bothering me and I thought, “it can start with you.”

When I got into my car to come to work this morning, after being trapped in my head for the past 2 hours, Imagine by John Lennon was on the radio.  If that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.  “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.”  Yep, it can start with you.