Quality Busyness

Someone shared this tweet last night, “I love how being an adult is just saying “But after this week things will slow down a bit again” to yourself until you die.  Boy, isn’t that the truth!  I “liked” the post and even screen shot it, but as I think about it this morning I feel a little sad about it.  We can laugh or cry about a statement like this, but it is a reminder of the time we have and what we do with it.

I obviously have a hate/love relationship with social media, but this week I felt love more than hate.  Before I saw the tweet last night I enjoyed some wonderful moments on Facebook.  Moments that reassure me that people are striving for quality living, not just busyness until we die.

A former student shared a Christmas gift that her children were enjoying in July, nope, it was not a video game or toy.  She called it a local adventure box.  This is her description: The kids got a local adventure box for Christmas so once a month we will venture somewhere local! The idea is to make Christmas last more than a day, truly enjoy and make investments in our own town, learn something new about each other, ourselves, our family or even strangers, and ensure we are getting together routinely to go out and conquer the world…. or at least the day! Yep, pure love for this post and this idea.  My kids might be 22 and 27, but I am pretty sure I know what they are getting for Christmas this year.  What a beautiful idea, time together and time supporting and being connected to their community.

My other love moment was a lifelong friend of mine sharing her week with her grandkids.  We noticed her husband on the porch Saturday night when we came home, I waved and then said, “geez, it is hot outside, what is Walter doing?”  He was hanging with his grandkids; the next day we saw cute pictures with them packed in the car heading to church.  Sweet, yes, but the story gets better.  Every night they have craft night, it is just the cutest!  Again, slowing down for these moments I get, savor the sweetness and the quality time, this is perfect busyness.

We are in our second month of Summer Reading Program.  As always it can be a bumpy ride, but seeing the kids having fun makes it worth it.  We have parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents that bring piles of kids to a crazy hour of fun at the library.  It gets a little loud and sometimes a little messy, but again these times are quality busyness.  Sometimes a craft or a snack seems like a stretch for us adults or maybe we work too hard trying to make it just right, when it really doesn’t matter.  As an artist, I know that sometimes the process is more rewarding then the product.  We don’t have to keep all the things we create to take enjoyment in them, sometimes just the time spent is what we treasure.

When we did slime a few weeks back, we made a mess, but boy was it fun.  I have a couple of kids that I still talk to them about it, yep, I am that “grandma” type that just wants to relive the fun moment.  One kid lets me, he grins real big and just chats away, the other one is getting a little older and might find me a little embarrassing, I dig that too.

We have adult crafts once a month.  We do not always leave with beautiful products, sometimes we could be host a show on Pinterest Failures, but we always have fun.  We have book club once a month.  We don’t always enjoy the book, but you guessed it, we always have fun.

Slow down if you are not enjoying quality busyness, otherwise dive right on in and enjoy the process.  Live in the moment, go on adventures, play with your family, have craft nights, make messes (at home or with us), just make quality choices and don’t live with a feeling of dread and wasted moments.