Thankful for 2019

It is an easy week to come up with a bookworm topic.  You know I am just rolling in thanksgiving, actually the food more

so than anything else, but that will change by Thursday.   I looked back on last year’s bookworm for thanksgiving and realized I am doing the same thing I did last year, wrote it the week after, kind of.  Future for me will be history by the time you read this, it is a constant struggle and I am just not that on top of things, so, as always, bear with me.  I apologized for this issue last year too, so yep, the struggle continues.

When I a reflect on thankfulness my list is long and ranges from my husband finally installing a light in our bedroom to just being here for another day.  Last year I mentioned being cancer free, the love and support from my family, friends and community and most importantly for the gift of vulnerability.  I also mentioned my friend, Nolan.

I worry about repetition when I write my bookworm so I often run word searches on my files to check for duplicate information.  I wish I could do this in real life, so that my friends, family and staff would not have to listen to my stories over and over again.  Sorry people, age is real and accumulating fast, I forget and, if I am being honest, the story often is just so great to me I want to run it on repeat.  I knew I would find a thanksgiving bookworm, but I wasn’t ready to find my friend mentioned.  So yep, I felt sad for a moment, but also grateful to read the words and to remember him.

Time to get back to the focus of this bookworm, thankful in 2019.  For me personally, all the things I mentioned last year and a light in my bedroom.  For me as the director of the Morgan County Library the list is a little different.

As a director my list starts with my Board of Trustees.  They are fantastic!  They guide and support me and share a vision with me; the vision to continue to grow and improve as we strive to be a vital source for the community.  Not only do they meet all the qualifications of being quality trustees they spend hours at the library, not only during our monthly meetings but throughout the year as patrons and volunteers, yep, they are pretty fantastic.

My staff are next on the list for me, not really, they are more like “tied for first” on my list.  Shirley, Jessica, Kelly, Sheree, Kate and Brittany are also fantastic!  They do all the things I ask them, plus more.  They make my job easier as they also share the vision I mentioned earlier.  But more importantly than making my job easier, they make me laugh and I consider them my friends, don’t let them know.  Insert winky face.

On to our volunteers, simply put, we could not do it without them.  From Betty and Debbie tending our butterfly gardens to the squad that helps each year at Summer Reading Program (I cannot list them all, I would need to take out a page in the paper to fit them all in).  I am blown away every year by the many people in our community that support not only us but various other groups and organizations.  My faith in our community never runs dry, which leads me to the final spot on my list.

Our patrons, our community, to me they are one in the same.  You are the reason we are here.  Not only are you an essential part of our vision, without you what would be the point? I hope your week was full of thanks, and that you realize you are vital to our community.

I look forward to writing thanks again in 2020, I might just keep writing Nolan’s name in every year, a continual reminder to all of us to live life fully and with thanks.