First Impressions

I have one of those faces, you know, the kind that people title with 3 letters (describing the state of the face muscles/we have discussed this before/apparently it hasn’t changed), the kind that makes people feel comfortable telling me I should smile more.  Really, don’t, just don’t.  At the beginning of June, I went to an HR workshop in Columbia, MO.  One of the things discussed was approachability.  They talked about ways to make sure your staff feels comfortable enough to talk to you; slowing down to listen, making your office sane enough they want to cross the threshold, and last but not least making your face pleasing.  Boo, I was not impressed by this notion and even talked to her about it during our break.  I joked that my face was covered by another important document discussed, she laughed, but I got it, she still thought I should work on my face.

I have recently met a lady, Cindy, that if anyone has been involved with Goldschmidt Cancer Center, would know.  She is sunshine, absolutely the nicest, sweetest person I have ever met.  Everyone in my journey thus far has been rays of sunshine.  It got me thinking back to this HR workshop, maybe that lady was right.  When I told Cindy how amazing she is, her comment was, “there is just no place for negativity in an office setting.”  She didn’t say, a cancer center office, she said an office.

Maybe this reflects back to judging a book by its cover, of which I have been guilty, am guilty.  Maybe there is something to it, there is no place for negativity on a cover.  You get one chance to make a first impression.  Hey, book, unless Oprah says your great, if your cover is not a ray of sunshine, you are going to get lost in the stacks, to be weeded someday by the library grim reaper.

Smiling is something I do know how to do, but my face enjoys being flat and sometimes stern because I am a thinker, but I will try.  This Wednesday was my first day back, it was SRP, there were millions of kids (slight exaggeration).  Those kiddos are not used to me with my new hair, I have adults that are not used to me with my new hair.  Guess what, I will probably have less hair soon.  I am not upset about this, kind of like I am not upset with my resting face, but I do realize our kiddos might be scared.  I already ordered my first hat, I will not be doing wigs, if I did it would be way scarier than my bald head, think spikes and bright crazy colors.

I will work harder to smile and I will soften my looks, because it is scary and the kiddos know it.  I am listening HR lady, I am listening Cindy.  I will try to be a welcoming cover of a book.  My story is important, all of our stories are important.  If smiling, can help someone else’s day, I am willing to try it.